Secrets of Indian Knob

The Secrets of Indian Knob
by Heidi Hargwiger

The Secrets of Indian Knob - A self published book prepared by Five Corners Press

The Secrets of Indian Knob, a sweet song of innocence, is steeped in folklore and tradition. The setting is a remote area somewhere along the Virginia/West Virginia border. The townsfolk suspect a throwback woman lives somewhere up in the hills. She is difficult to spot. However, some claim to have seen this elusive woman with flyaway hair the color of dry oak leaves dragging herself through the woods. The Cassell brothers know first hand about this woman, for from the very night she arrived on their doorstep, their lives would never be the same. This is the story of that woman, Mary Hannah McCutcheon, and how she became one of the secrets of Indian Knob.

186 pages, 6 X 9", softcover book.
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